How will I know when my windows have been cleaned and how much to pay?

Whenever we carry out your window cleaning we will post a payment slip through your door to let you know your windows have been cleaned and how much is due.

When do payments need to be made?

Payments for regular services need to be made within 14 days from the date of your clean. For services carried out on a once only basis, such as a Gutter Clear, payment is due on the same day that the work is carried out.

What are your payment methods?

We accept payment in the following ways:

Direct Debit
Online Bank Transfer

Why do I need to use the 1st line of my address for online/cheque payments?

We need the 1st line of your address on the back of your cheque or used as your online bank reference to make sure we allocate the payment to the correct customer account. If you use your name and it happens to be Mr Smith, we may have several customers called Mr Smith and won’t necessarily know which one has paid.

What if I forget to put my details on my cheque/online reference?

Don’t worry, you can still call us or email with the payment reference, amount paid, date paid and your address to assist us in allocating the payment to your account. If an online or cheque payment is left unallocated then when your windows are next cleaned your payment slip will show an outstanding payment is due. Please contact us if you have paid and we can allocate the online payment to your account or confirm that you will need to issue a new cheque.

I’ve received a payment reminder, but have already paid?

If we receive an online payment or cheque with no 1st line address listed and we are unable to use any other information to allocate the payment to a customer account the payment will be left as unallocated. Your next window cleaning payment slip will show that payment as outstanding. Please contact us as soon as you can and we can allocate the online payment to your account or confirm that you will need to issue a new cheque.

Why do you clean on a 4 weekly cycle?

We clean on a 4 weekly cycle instead of monthly to make sure our rounds stick to a regular schedule, so your windows will be cleaned every 4 weeks (+/- 2 working days). If you choose an 8 weekly schedule your windows will be cleaned every 8 weeks (+/- 2 working days).

What is your minimum number of cleans?

Our 4 and 8 weekly scheduled window cleaning options are subject to a minimum of 3 cleans. This is because our team can spend up to 3 times as long on the first clean. If you would like to have your windows cleaned as a one off service (for example if you’re moving house) then you need to book in for our Once Only window clean option. If you book in for a 4 or 8 weekly schedule and cancel after the 1st or 2nd clean then the balance of a Once Only clean will be added to your final bill. For example, if you book in for a 4 weekly clean at £10, and a Once Only clean for your property is £30.00, and you cancel after your first clean, then you will owe an additional £20.00 on top of your £10.00 bill.

*Exception: the only exception to not being charged for the balance of a Once Only clean is if the cancellation is due to quality issues that we have been unable to resolve following your free re-clean as part of our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Do you clean at weekends?

No we don’t. We feel weekends are for family time – yours and our team’s. We don’t want to be getting in the way when you’re relaxing in your garden.

Can you clean 3 storey homes?

Yes, we clean windows for many 3 storey homes across Warrington with ease and all from ground level. Find out more here.

Can you clean in bad weather?

Yes, we can clean your windows during all types of weather, however for safety reasons we do not clean in extreme winds/gales.

What is your Text Alert service?

We offer a text alert service for customers who have access issues to the back of their property. Once a text alert is set up we will text the day before we are due to clean so that access can be provided for the team the following day.

My neighbour gets a text alert, why don’t I?

Our text alert service is for customers who have access issues to the rear of their property and as a result they need to be alerted that their windows are due to be cleaned so that they can arrange access for the team.

How does your customer satisfaction guarantee work?

It’s very important to us that we provide a quality and professional window cleaning service at all times. If for any reason you aren’t happy please call or email within 24 hours of your clean to let us know about your concerns. We won’t be offended and always welcome feedback whether it’s good or bad. If your concern is due to the quality of the clean we will offer a free re-clean or your next window clean free of charge where applicable.

How do I alter, suspend or cancel my window cleaning service?

To make any amendments/cancellations to your window cleaning schedule please provide 2 weeks notice via any of the methods below:

Post: Cromwell Cleaning, Unit 5 Engineering House, Holmesfield Road, Warrington WA1 2DS